kīlauea, one of hawaii’s youngest and most active volcanoes, has been spewing lava continuously for over thirty years, making it the longest rift zone eruption of the last two hundred years.

despite a melted tripod and shoes, toxic gases (which can become lethal should the winds change direction), and scolding ocean steam, miles morgan captured these shots of the volcano’s crater and of the lava which spews from it for a six mile, four hour journey to the sea. (also captured by chance was a meteor seen in the first photo)

said miles, “when you are within about two hundred yards of the ocean’s edge, you are standing on nothing but cooled lava of questionable thickness, called the bench, which is massively unstable. if you happen to be on the bench when it collapses [which happens often, in chunks measured in acres], there is no chance for survival.”


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